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Our Child Adoption Programs

If you are ready to begin the child adoption process, the adoption programs at Rainbow of Love, will help you connect with birth parents looking to place their child in a loving home. We help you navigate the emotional and complicated adoption process.

Domestic Infant Adoption

Our Domestic Infant Adoption Program places Infants Nationwide. ROL is a Texas licensed agency and we work with families from out of state who have a completed, current and approved home study (with a licensed child placing agency) within their home state. Additionally, we help families perform background checks and home study assessments for International adoptions - Non Hague countries - who are working with an International Adoption Agency.. We accept applicants for our Infant Adoption Program during the Spring and Fall months of each year. If applicants (individuals and couples) meet the criteria during our assessments, they will be allowed into our domestic adoption program. If applicants do not meet eligibility requirements, their information will be kept on file for one year.

Asian Baby

Domestic Preschool Program

This program places young children ages 2 to 5 into domestic adoption. In most cases, we will have updated medical and dental records for these children. Before placement, we will facilitate a preplacement period. We encourage all adoptive parents to review a child's health, social, education, and genetic history before you meet.

Hard to Place Program

This program places infants between the age of newborn to 24 months into domestic adoption.  The infants are considered hard to place because they fall in the category of having two or more of the following: biological mother is a heavy drinker, biological mother is a heavy smoker,  biological mother used illegal drugs during pregnancy, biological mother is terminally ill, biological mother had no prenatal care during the pregnancy, family of origin has a history of mental illness, child is from a minority group,

Foster Care Adoption & Special Need Infants

Our foster care program places children who range in age from toddlers to 18. For the most part, children are of school age and can have siblings. Some of the children have special needs and may require extra help, and some may have physical or emotional challenges due to life experiences. Helping these children overcome their challenges can be difficult, and they require a very special parent or parents to help them navigate through life. Although the obstacles may be many, the rewards are much greater. If you have what it takes to improve the life of a child, we accept applicants year round for this program.

Special Needs Infants program places Infants who were born with a special need or medical condition at birth.  This condition could be blindness, hearing impaired, missing limb, down syndrome, cerebral palsy or any lifelong major impairment.