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Older Couple

ROL Loves Grandparents

Domestic Infant Adopion

Grandparents are the premiere Great Parents! Rainbow of Love welcome you to participate in every aspect of the adoption process. You are
invited to the Orientation and trainings and we know you will be there on that spacial day when the baby - your grandchild- comes home.

State Adoption

State Adoption

If you grandchildren are currently in the State’s Foster Care
 System, free for adoption and you want to adopt them, we
would love to help.  Rainbow of Love will waive the application
 fee, training fee, homestudy fee because we know that you will
 be 100% committed to you grandchild. You will also be assigned
 a Casemanager who will work with you until the adoption is
finalize. We cannot guarantee that the state will approve you
 adopting your grandchildren, but we do guarantee that you will
 be treated fairly and with the respect and dignity that you
 deserve.  The homestudy will take between 4 and 6 weeks to
complete and thereafter will be sent to the child’s worker.

Competency & Character

With many years of experience in the adoption process, we have seen it all. We have the knowledge and experience to help you through this sometimes stressful journey. We are committed to placing a child with every qualified parent without major financial loss. If a birth mother changes her mind after the baby is born, the fees that you have already paid will be rolled over to a second match.  We will do everything we can to have the right child placed with you. The average wait to be matched with a birthmother can vary between 2 weeks after your home study is approved to 2 years.

Child Adoption Program

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Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

Our Parenting program is well attended and is held several times a week in Texas. These classes are for anyone looking to improve their parenting skills or those who are court ordered to take a parenting class. Upon completing the class, all attendees receive a certificate to commemorate their effort and achievement.  Call (713) 779-8877 for times and locations. The cost of the class is $50. We teach proven parenting strategies to improve family communication, increase parental supervision and monitoring, and improve discipline.