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Community Programs

Rainbow of Love was founded as a Social Service Agency that helps the most vulnerable in our community: Infants, Toddlers and their mothers.  These are the women that when faced with an unplanned pregnancy - chose to have the baby despite the uncertainty that they would face.  Rainbow of Love Community programs assist mothers who have had the baby and are currently parenting the child  or assist expectant mothers who are considering placing her baby into adoption and prospective adoptive parents wanting to adopt a child.

Whether it's a young woman with an unplanned pregnancy or a couple unable to conceive children looking to adopt, they all have something in common. All parties involved are trying to improve the quality of life for a child.

Rainbow Of Love Workers

Resource Center and Holiday Gifts for Infants and Toddlers

Rainbow of Love's Resource Center provides children's clothing and Food to anyone in the community that has a need.  The Resource Center located in Fort Bend County Texas is open on the first 3 Saturday mornings each month.  Donations of new baby and children's clothes, new baby item and toddler items, diapers and non perishable food are accepted at that time. 

  During the holiday season and right before Christmas, Rainbow of Love remembers the Infants and Toddlers of disadvantaged mothers (and their school aged siblings).  For Infant and Toddler's safety is paramount as they cannot yet comprehend the pleasures of toys, ROL provides needed safety and comfort items such as: car seats, strollers, baby baths, baby monitors, cradles, blankets, clothes, shoes, socks, bottles, diaper genies, diapers, wipes and stuffed animals for deserving infants children. Our referrals come from Churches, other Social Service organizations, law enforcement or the mother in need can call.

Easter Baskets

Rainbow of Love provides New Easter Outfits and Easter Baskets filled with Items that an Infant and Toddler would need i.e.: Diapers, Wipes, socks and underwear along with Easter Eggs and stuff animals each Easter Season to deserving children during the Easter Season.  The Easter Baskets are delivered to the mothers directly or to the Organizations that the mothers are associated with.

Mother's Day Baskets

Single mothers of Infants, Toddlers and Young children do not receive the recognition that they deserve for Mother's Day because their children are often too young to understand the sacrifice that their mothers are making.  Rainbow of Love, provides deserving single mothers with a Mothers Day Gift Basket and delivers the basket to most of the Mothers because we understand that it is difficult to get out of the house with a newborn Infant or Toddler!  We believe that being a Good Mother is priceless.

Diaper Bags and Day Care Backpacks

Rainbow of Love understands that the first day of daycare is just as important as the first day of school.  Some mothers just don't have the necessary means to have a Diaper baby filled with the 2 changes of clothes & Diapers and Wipes or the items necessary for the Toddler's Day Care.  Each August, Rainbow of Love holds a Diaper Bags and Backpack Fair and seeks donations from the public assist in providing these items to deserving mothers in the Community. 

 Services for Birth Parents

If placing your baby into adoption is the best option. You can choose between closed (confidential), semi-open and open adoption. You will be assigned an adoption specialist who will assist with Adoption Preparation, Counseling, Financial Assistance and Referrals programs to help them through the emotional journey of adoption.  The Adoption Specialist will be your primary contact throughout the adoption process and she will coordinate the match with the Adoptive family, Conference call, Visit (if necessary), Ongoing Contact before the baby is born, Referrals and Assistance placing the child and post placement counseling (if necessary).  Your Adoption Specialist will also coordinate the Post Placement Contact either through the Agency or Childconnect.