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Offering Different Types of Training & Parenting Classes in Houston, TX

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Parenting Classes:

Rainbow of Love offers quality parenting classes in Houston, TX, to effectively educate parents on appropriate non-aggressive discipline

and techniques to manage and correct misbehavior. We offer two different programs with 7 to 10 sessions for parenting:

o   Young Children (0-10 years)

o   Teenagers (11 years and up)

The full completion of each course takes 2 half-days for a total of eight hours in which a certificate will be provided

thereafter. A $50.00 flat rate fee per person - per program is required along with your Photo I.D. on the day of your

scheduled appointment.

Classes are available Tuesday through Friday, and Saturday mornings by appointment at our Houston office location.

Call (713) 779-8877 to make an appointment today.

PRIDE Training:

Rainbow of Love offers PRIDE (Parent Resources of Information, Development and Education) Training for adoptive families

who are adopting from the state foster care system.

Our foster parent training is designed to better prepare the adoptive parents for the realities (i.e. trauma, both physical and mental) that

most children in the foster care system have experienced. Mini-PRIDE will touch on the following topics:

- Separation and attachment

- Importance of the birth, extended, and temporary families

- The needs for children to maintain sibling contact and birth family connection

- The dynamics and impact of abuse and neglect on children and their development

- The behavior exhibited, sexuality and its manifestation in children who have experienced the trauma of abuse and neglect

- Age-appropriate, non-physical discipline and agreement to abide by the CPS policy

- Use of community resources

- Health, disabilities, and developing positive family attitudes

The Pride Training and certification are a requirement for state adoption. It is an 8-hour course that will greatly benefit and help

adoptive parents understand the responsibility involved with adopting from the state foster care system.

*Nosotros hablamos español.

Your Source for CPR classes in Houston, TX

CPR & AED / First-Aid:

Rainbow of Love provides CPR/AED and First Aid certification courses every second Friday of each month. Through lecture, videos and hands-on practice you will be able to respond confidently to emergency situations. Skills and topics include:

o   Adult, Child*, Infant* CPR & AED Use - $45

o   First Aid - $20

o   Both Courses - $60 (Workbook included)

The CPR/AED & First Aid courses are offered at our Houston location and are by appointment only.

If you’re interested in our CPR classes, call (713) 779-8877 and ask for Jonathan (your bilingual English/Spanish EMS Safety Instructor) or email him at Jrodriguez@rainbowoflove.org.